Prix Caprilli Tests

The Prix Caprilli are tests that have lower level dressage movements and require the horse and rider to trot and/or canter over a single jump.  The test is judged in the same way as a normal dressage test which will include technical marks for movement, impulsion, submission, and riding.  The emphasis is not the jumping style of the horse but on the horse's relaxation, obedience and evenness of pace.

Simply put, a Prix Caprilli is a dressage test that has jumps in the way and the jumps should not disrupt the performance of the dressage test.

Dressage Niagara will be offering a Prix Caprilli component to the 2014 season.  Each of the four shows with have a different Prix Caprilli test to ride.  Dressage Niagara members who compete in these classes will have their scores eligible for a Year End Award in this class.

To learn more about Prix Caprilli classes, there is a fantastic article on our Resources page.

Prix Caprilli Test 1                            Prix Caprilli Test 2

Prix Caprilli Test 3                            Prix Caprilli Test 4

Prix Caprilli Upgrade Test


2014 Season

Show dates and location have been confirmed for the 2014 season. We will once again be offering Western Style Dressage classes as well as Prix Caprilli and group Dressage Seat Equitation. We are waiting the approval of our prizelist by Equine Canada before any more information can be posted.

 Stay tuned!